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Charlotte Williams, 03 Oct '12

Winter’s back and before she strikes I feel her in my bones,
Back against the wall, my tongue has been ripped out, I get cold.
Throw me outside and lock your door, I’ll get frostbite,
Profanities linger on my icy lips, lodged in my throat;
it’s been a hard night.

It’s so dark, but the only chink of light leaks from your eyes,
As you stare right through me, I am a ghost, I'm paralysed.
I was just a kid but I could feel this coming in my gut,
Could call me a martyr, but you blame me because no way you
could give me that much.

You thought I could take it, that I’d still be here on my knees,
I should have got out early, I was young but I could see,
I should have been screaming SOS, but I kept still,
silent, I’m never good enough for any of us,
I’m never okay.

I was reared on a pedestal; it was a long way to fall
Broke my spine but I finally got one, so now I stand tall,
And here it comes again, the darkness from within
me but it’s in you too, it sits in our chest, I’ve got your cold
heart, it’s genetic.

Zombie apocalypse, my intensity is latent,
You chewed right through my neck, turned me, made me an anxious wreck,
You made me like you but I have little to lose,
You lost your life and then stole mine as a screwed up compromise
like you do.

As it starts to rain, I try to break in but you counter me,
I’m tired of these games; you leave me on the steps to bleed.
I’ve got a universe to build, on my shoulders, on my head,
I’m calling it a day, walking away from your life which is
hanging by a thread.

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  • Jessica Cambrook said...

    This was so dark and beautiful, it was a pleasure to read

    • Posted 10 years ago
  • Charlotte Williams said...

    • Posted 10 years ago
  • Ross Tarran said...

    I enjoyed reading this; the language and form is very elegant but with some powerful images. I admit I didn't fully understand the meaning of much of it (if anyone could), but that didn't really matter! I wasn't sure if each 'verse' was written in haiku form or something similar?

    • Posted 10 years ago
  • Charlotte Williams said...

    I love to read poetry that tells a story and is clear but in terms of my own poetry, I think my best poems are the ambiguous ones that leave much of the meaning to the imagination. This did actually start out as writing stanzas in haiku form but I altered it when I was re-writing the poem.

    • Posted 10 years ago