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Rebecca Williams, 20 Sep '12

Devilish Twins

They appeared again. The twins, so doll-like plastered with innocent smiles and over exaggerated rosy cheeks.
It shouldn’t seem scary yet through my terrified eyes they were the devil, disguised in dainty frills of baby blue fabric fastened with satin pink ribbons as a mere attempt to hide what I already know.
They’re out to get me. My vision tremors under the pressure to hastily find an exit, even though I know there isn’t one. I’m trapped and it’s too late, as I round the corner they are there.
This is the part where if this was a scary movie, we would all be screaming “RUN!” at the screen, but now I know why they don’t, it’s because they have nowhere to run.

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  • Rebecca Williams said...

    My first burrst....

    • Posted 9 years ago
  • Anthony Blackshaw said...

    Welcome to Burrst Rebecca - Loved your first burst :)

    • Posted 9 years ago
  • Rebecca Williams said...


    • Posted 9 years ago
  • Charlotte Buchanan said...

    well-written and scary. Good work!

    • Posted 9 years ago
  • Metta H said...

    That was scarry. It would be even scarier to have no where to run and be trapped in that situation. I would like to know more about these characters.

    • Posted 9 years ago
  • Jennifer Jaques said...

    Nice @Rebecca Williams! You should publish your finished piece. It's really good :)

    • Posted 9 years ago