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Jeffreigh Lush, 19 Sep '12

The room was as bleached and sterile as the hallway that had led her there. Dr. Anne Laskaris fidgeted quietly in her chair, the cool hard wood adding to her discomfort. It was no wonder that many of the scientists lost their minds. Anne couldn’t imagine being trapped inside the blank white walls. The stainless steel table in front of her had no blemishes and was alarmingly cold to touch. It reminded Anne of an autopsy table

Even though she was alone in the room Anne could feel the gaze from beyond the little black eye in the corner of the room. None of them knew what to expect with this meeting, but Anne still hoped some small progress could be made. If nothing else she yearned to look upon him. She had searched and labored and sacrificed for three years to see him again.

What stepped into the room from the opposing door was not her beloved Daniel, however. The thing walked with stiff, heavy strides and had a bulk that could barely fit through the doorframe. Light reflected off of the plated metal that formed its torso. Sheets were missing here and there revealing wires and tubes throbbing with liquid that was so dark it almost looked black, but the crimson of blood was never lost on Anne’s eyes.

It took effort, but finally Anne pushed her gaze up to the things face. She held her breath, and for that moment all things ceased to exist. The uncomfortable chair was as soft as clouds, and the frigid table no longer existed. The white walls of the room reflected her thoughts completely. A vast emptiness filled her entire being when those familiar eyes stared back at her. The fire in them was gone, there was nothing left but a dark calculating stare that wasn’t looking at her, but inside her. It counted her organs and every pulse they made, and she could have sworn the eyes widened with every beat of her heart.


He sat down on the chair at the other end of the table; the legs creaked under his weight. He did not respond. Strips of tanned skin were stretched around a mechanized skull—or was it growing out of it?—leaving his face solid and almost unbearable for Anne to look at. He looked just like the others…

The silence started to smother Anne, and almost forcefully she leaned forward against the table. “Daniel. Daniel!—“ she tried to keep her voice firm and her volume controlled, but she could still hear herself grow louder with every word. “Does the name mean nothing to you?”

The construct’s sudden tilt of the head mad Anne’s nerves constrict her back against her chair. She hadn’t expected him to make any sort of response.

“Daniel.” He answered. “Daniel is a Hebrew name with the meaning ‘God is my—“

“Okay, stop it!” Anne demanded. She couldn’t hear it speak anymore. The voice was Daniel’s but it was hollow, and echoing like it was spoken through a plastic pipe. Its tone held no purpose or feeling. This thing, whatever it was, was definitely not Daniel…even if it had his eyes.

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  • Jeffreigh Lush said...

    I was going to write more but I figured I'd leave it at that. I'll probably write more burrsts along this story line later. I have some more ideas for this sitting around the ol' cranium. :/ It isn't what I wanted for my debut post but it's something at least!

    • Posted 8 years ago
  • Matthew Schroeder said...

    I think it's a great start - a very eery prologue.

    • Posted 8 years ago
  • Anthony Blackshaw said...

    I agree with @Matthew Schroeder great start - I'd love to read more!

    • Posted 8 years ago