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Jamie Thomas, 14 Sep '12

As Barb drifted slowly and groggily out of unconsciousness, she wasn’t exactly sure where she was. It was dark, and her mind was still struggling to connect anything and everything together. She rasped in a long breath, her throat parched and bruised. Her eyes fluttered open, and she began to realise where she was and why she was here. She instinctively tried to brush the hair from her eyes, but they were tied, restrained. She was at least seated upright, but very uncomfortably. Her face felt like it was on fire, yet somehow numb and heavy.

As if by magic, the door to her right creaked open, letting in more light and allowing her to take in the surrounding room. She began to eye up her predicament, testing the pull on the ropes and trying to gear her beaten body to comprehend with her panicked yet still drowsy mind.

“Hello there Barbie doll.” The voice that spoke was malicious and sinister. “You have been out cold for a long time. You could even be dead right now.” Sadistic laughter followed.

“How is your arm?” Barb managed to whisper. The man glanced down at the limp arm hanging by his side, and grimaced.

“Don’t you find it ironic that they say third time lucky, but we managed to kidnap you on the second attempt?”

“I really don’t get these games… why be so cryptic when you could just kill me?”

The whole situation felt surreal to Barb. Conversing with a cold hearted killer was never meant to be this smooth. Maybe Barb was brain damaged, but she didn’t really seem to mind the fact that she was going to die very soon. Fear was draining away as she engaged this evil monster in a battle of wits.

“The killing part isn’t really my thing. I leave that to… to the other one.” He advanced forward, revealing his full form to Barb. She couldn’t help but think about how good looking he was. The man took one more step forward.

“I’m in it for the “asphyxiation”.”

Barb gasped, but it was too late. The man’s fully functioning hand latched onto Barb’s throat and he drove his thumb into her windpipe. Although she knew it was futile, she tried to draw in breaths and scream, only to let out strangled noises as tears streamed down her face and her arms and legs thrashed about wildly in their bonds. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and when they refocused, she saw the look of pure ecstasy on the man’s face.

Then suddenly it was over. The man slunk away from Barb, and then he was gone. Barb gasped for air, wincing and crying from the burning sensation running up and down her throat. Her wrists were slashed to pieces from the thin rope around her wrists and ankles. Mentally, Barb was a broken woman.

She spent the next hour thinking about how the Prestige Killers had ruined her life, which was already really messed up with to start. She kept thinking of Carter, the man she used and abused, all for her own selfish gains. Then she thought of Cindy. Her thoughts always turned back to Cindy. Sick to her stomach, Barb lost all sense of time.

When the door opened again, it was a different man who entered. He was also very good looking, suave and tall and obviously very focussed on his fitness by the sight of him in a vest top and boxer briefs. In any normal situation, Barb would have been extremely attracted to him. But all she could feel now was a mixture of sadness and anger.

“So, he has had his way with you?” the man tilted her head to the side and examined her neck. “I see he has. Did you enjoy it?”

Barb spat at him. He wiped it away and continued. “Now it is my turn. You escaped us the first time, simply because that boyfriend of yours put a bullet in my friend. But I want to give you another chance-”

“Your friend in there, are you banging him?” Barb blurted out.

He moved forward quickly and Barb flinched. His hands suddenly began undoing the knots that were connected to her ankles. Then he moved on to her wrists. He never broke eye contact.

“Boys and girls, aren’t really something we get off on,” He smirked. “Anyway, I’m not into this whole monologue thing. I just want to rip your throat out with my teeth.”

He undid the last knot and then grabbed Barb by her hair, yanking her to her feet. With one swift uppercut, he sent Barb flying across the room so she landed in a heap on the floor. He let out another sadistic laugh as she pulled herself up into a fighting stance.

“Bring it on Barbie doll, bring it on.”

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  • Jamie Thomas said...

    Hello everyone, I'm sorry I have left it so late to post this chapter, the latest chapter in the Barb series. I planned on this being my last Barb chapter, but I've just been very unhappy with it each time I've attempted it, and now I know I need to do at least one other after this to wrap it all up.
    If you havent read the other chapters, I hope you are reading this comment before you read the burrst, because there are a few others you should read before you read this.

    Here is the first chapter:
    and the rest can be found from here.

    I hope you guys all enjoy this chapter, although I do feel like it isn't my best. I promise I will get back into writing burrsts again, and soon I will be able to write other kinds of stories. Thanks for reading, and I welcome any criticism or commentary as always :)

    • Posted 7 years ago
  • Jessica Cambrook said...

    Yay! Barb's back!

    • Posted 7 years ago
  • Angela Watt said...

    Come on Barb - you can fight back. Thanks for posting the latest update on this story @Jamie Thomas as we want to know what happens to Barb. Loved the last line of this.

    • Posted 7 years ago