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Mike Reyes, 05 Sep '12

Boy, did I have a dream

It was a brisk cool morning and just having had breakfast, I decided to take a walk. I put on my Christmas present that grandma had given me, which was a light trench coat, not to heavy; just enough to keep me warm in cool weather. As I walked, I noticed the birds singing, the flowers blooming, the sweet smell of recently cut lawns and on and on I walked. Before long I found myself entranced by my surroundings not really recognizing where I was at.
My eyelids slightly irritated from the cut grass and tiring from my walk, closed wantingly. In front of me was a bus bench, so I decided to sit there to get my bearings and a little rest.
Out of nowhere I hear;
“Hey you! Wanna go flying?”
I quickly turned behind me to see a girl hovering a few feet in the air above me. Her wings were magnificent, brilliantly shinning like a rainbow in the warm sun. Dumfounded I could not answer.
She said; “Take my hand.”
I reached up to her and as I put my hand in hers, off we went. Soaring up and up and up. I could see the roofs of houses, the tree tops, all around my neighborhood, a real birds eye view. We just kept going up, straight up. We were over the clouds, everything under me was a speck, of what could be seen below. I looked down, I looked up, I looked at me and I looked at her holding on to me, the only question was; who is holding on to her?
I panicked. I let go of her hand. I fell.
I fell like a rock! Straight down, just like I had come straight up. I felt my trenchcoat flapping above my waist causing a loud ruckus, I reached up and pulled the end of the coat down to me, when I noticed that the bottom corners of the coat had elastic bands at an angle and an idea came to me, if I can keep my coat taut, maybe I can glide down to earth. So I put my feet into the bands at the end of my coat and pulled with my shoes to tighten the coat from my shoulders to my feet. I spread my legs as far wide as I could and my arms in front of me like superman, to my surprise, I started to glide. I was no longer falling uncontrollably; I was just falling, and fast. Through the clouds below me I saw an airplane gliding to its destination, the plane was a speck to my sight as I continued my descent. Being spread out like I was, was tiring, but I knew that I had to stay that way to keep from free falling, nevertheless, I still kept going down, down, down. Through the clouds I rushed, faster and faster I went. I decided to experiment with my coat, I leaned left and I glided left, I leaned right, and I glided right, I discovered control. All I had to do now was discover how to land; safely.
My descent was quick; the tree tops were in view now, as were the roof tops. I spread my legs further apart when I felt the rip on the toe of my shoe, one of the elastic bands had partly separated from the garment, but still intact; somewhat. I still had control of my gliding. I’m thinking hard as to how am I going to land without dieing, I remembered watching birds as they landed, that they would raise their bodies ever so slightly by bringing their feet under them with their chest broad against the wind. I knew that I was going to get hurt upon landing, maybe even dieing when I hit the ground, but I wanted to control the impact and minimize the damage to as little as possible. Gliding high up in the air, I scouted to see where I could possibly come down safely. All I could see were manicured lawns and hard paved streets, I was going to get hurt no matter what. The treetops came quickly, than the roofs, but I put my head up and the air got caught in my trench coat, slowing me down slightly, I further raised my head and I felt a slowing in my flight. I was still going very fast but I was not falling, I was actually moving forward and in a controlled descent. I continued my flight across the houses I flew over and realizing that my speed was now constant I decided it was time to lower my altitude to about 4 feet and land like a bird.
I put my head down and felt gravity suck me down, quickly, up went my head to compensate. I again regained control of my flight and found myself over the house tops. Now I knew that I could land safely, but I would still not avoid injury due to my speed. I looked in front of me and saw a clearing where I might attempt to land, so I headed to it. I raised my feet slightly, lowered my head slightly and my landing was eminent. Down I went, from twelve feet to eight, to six to three, the clearing was upon me and I lowered my feet, raised my chest to catch the air and I hit the ground. With my feet inside the elastic bands of the corners of my coat, I landed on my feet, my momentum forced me to stumble instead of being able to run, and down to the ground, tumbling I went. My shoulder hit the ground first. The force of the landing sent me rolling and twisting, diminishing the blows from the ground. I must of rolled about a hundred feet before stopping. My shoulder was in pain, but not broken. My head dizzy from spinning, and my coat layered with grass and stained green.
I sat up and just looked about me, was I really back on the ground? Sure enough I was, and almost back to where had I started, at the bus bench, not more than a few yards away.
I picked myself up, slowly walked back to the bench and set myself down. Trying to figure out what I had just gone through when I hear a voice behind me;
“You stupid boy, why’d you let go? We were going to have so much fun, now I can’t trust you to stay with me.”
Off into the sky she went. As she turned into a speck from my point of view, all I could utter to her was;
“I’m sorry, Angel.”

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  • Mike Reyes said...

    I guess I should post a disclaimer here, don't want anybody getting hurt now. Don't try this at home or anywhere, you could decrease your life span, and at the very least get hurt really badly.

    • Posted 8 years ago