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Louise Arnold, 31 Aug '12

As she approached the deserted street, the building she was looking for was just up ahead on the left. The street was long and twisted around the corner towards the right, but she didn’t have to go that far; her destination was but a mere 100 yards away. She stood for a while first before beginning her onslaught; to contemplate what was to come next. She had to be brave at this stage and force herself towards the building with every ounce of courage she had left in her. This was the only way she could face what lie within and save him. She put one foot in-front of the other and began to move; being carried along by sheer will alone.

She reached the entrance to the abandoned building and looked inside. The door was no longer attached to its frame but instead lay discarded on the floor in front of her, so she could see clearly down the long straight hallway. It was empty, but she already knew that she would probably have to go further into the core of the building. Everything was silent except for the beating of her own heart and the sound of her breath leaving her body in anxious bursts. She was terrified, but she was the only one who could do this and she had to do it now.

She glanced up at the sky and it looked back down upon her with such an intense shade of blue, that she wasn’t sure she had ever seen it look that way before; but then again, this wasn’t the world she was accustomed to. A storm’s brewing! She thought to herself, as somewhere in the distance a low rumble sounded. She took a deep unsteady breath and then stepped firmly over the threshold.

The first two rooms that she encountered were bare and housed nothing but a few broken chairs, and a lot of dirt and dust. She moved on and continued to look through all of the lower rooms, until she realised that the entire ground floor was empty and knew then that she would have to tackle the upper floors instead.

She thought it would be easy, but with things not as they seemed, she just didn’t know what to expect. She rounded the corner where she came to the foot of the staircase leading to the upper floors. Once upon a time it had been a magnificent beautiful staircase with ornate carvings running along the bannister; she could see that; but now it was just dirty and neglected, with many of the wooden steps broken through, so she had to be sure to tread carefully.

She climbed the stairs slowly, making sure that she avoided the broken steps altogether. When she reached the top, she found herself stood in a much smaller hallway that extended in two different directions at the end. Well which way now? She considered silently. Just then she noticed that one of the corridors was bathed in a slight bluish coloured light, and knew immediately that this was the way she had to go. Once again, she took a deep unsteady breath and began to creep forward.

She edged along the hallway towards the divide and then stood looking down to the left hand side. This was the way she had to go, so she turned to face the path. At the end of the corridor was a single white door; surprisingly perfect considering the state of the rest of the house. It was closed but the light that was tinting the hallway an un-nerving shade of blue, emanated from the cracks in the door frame. He was in there. She moved with determination towards the door, not running as such, but hurrying nonetheless. She didn’t hesitate when she reached it, and swung the door open with force. There was no going back now!

People think that evil is a shade of red, but they are wrong. She could see that now, as she walked into the room. In the centre was a long wooden table and on that table lay her little Brother. His back was arched as though he was in immense pain, and a bright blue light exploded from his mouth upwards towards the ceiling; flooding his eyes.

“Billy...” she whispered; his name escaping as a breath rather than a word.

The sound was barely audible but swiftly her Brother closed his mouth and turned his head in her direction, looking into her soul with his searing blue eyes. He sat up slowly, pointing his finger at her, and then allowed his mouth to drop open again; bathing her in the light that he released from it. All of a sudden a high pitched noise filled the room, causing her to wince and grab at her ears in pain. They were starting to bleed, and she could feel her head beginning to fail her, wanting to shut down rendering her unconscious to take her away from what she had to do, but she fought it and with a strength she didn’t know she had, she began to step towards her Brother.

Suddenly he rose up into the air and the blue light that shone from him flooded the room, releasing itself from his body and then discarding it like a piece of scrap no longer useful. Whilst her Brother’s body lie limp and lifeless on the table in front of her, a figure began to form before her eyes, the air around her swirling until a monstrous blue Demon stood before her. But she was prepared and knew what to do to save them all.

The Demon began to chant; summoning up a storm that would destroy her, whilst outside the window thunder and lightning erupted angrily. She carefully felt inside her pocket and found the piece of indigo Angelite that the old woman had given her, and a piece of white chalk she’d taken from the abandoned school half a mile up the road. She recalled the words that she had been told and waited until the Demon broke his chanting to begin the ritual.

The Demon blue advanced, momentarily, into a trance, so she took this as her opportunity. She drew a circle on the stark wooden floor, right around herself with the chalk and then stood steadfast at the centre of it holding the Angelite straight out in front of her. The words that she had to say next flowed from her lips like a waterfall. She spoke as loudly as she could.

“Angels stand beside me here, and fill this space with light, to banish you from whence you came; the good the bad will fight!”

Without warning a shot of white light exploded from the indigo Angelite, right through the centre of the Demon. He was thrown back by sheer potency and it was then that she could see the Angels all around her protecting her from the dark. The light penetrated the body of the Demon and he began to diminish right before her eyes; more and more of the light filling him until he simply shattered into tiny little shards....and then he was gone.

She immediately rushed to her Brothers side, where he rubbed his eyes and sat looking at her; oblivious to what had just happened. He was only 5.

“Where am I?” he asked wearily.

“It’s ok Billy you’re safe now;” she told him, holding him close, “The Angels will take us home!”

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  • Louise Arnold said...

    This is simply; my interpretation!

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    ‘Untold Tales Entry’

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    Does nobody like my burrst?

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