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Abigale Smith, 29 Aug '12

Eyes like sapphires. That's what you said. Damn you were right. You sure had good taste, she was a pretty girl. Were my brown eyes not good enough? She loved you, that much was clear but she was in the way. I told you that. I told you. You made me do this, you couldn't see past those eyes. They blinded you, hypnotised you. Those sparkling blue eyes. But I have released you, released you from their curse. That's right, you're free. And it's okay, my love, I won't let them get to you again, those demonic diamonds. They don't sparkle the same anymore. No light to catch from the cold concrete floor. But that dress, the one you bought for her, you remember? You showed me it in the office, did you value my opinion? Well, it sure did bring out her eyes.

I got your messages. You rang her eight times, did you know? By now I suppose you are ringing her friends. Asking if they have seen her. Have you gone back home? Go get out of the cold, she ain't coming, honey. But I am, soon enough. Go on, go home, your hands will be blue with the cold. I'm sorry I can't be there to warm them. Was it dinner? Because there is plenty of time for that. I know you like that Italian place just out of town. I've seen you take her there.

When you read this in the morning paper over your cup of tea or perhaps get a phone call to tell you about it, I'll understand if you are shocked. But that's just fine. I'll be waiting for you when you're good and ready and then it's just me and you against the world. I always dreamt you would say that to me first. Make a big romantic gesture. Well this is it, baby. I'm all yours. So you can sing the blues a while and play the part of doting boyfriend but we know what you really want. But why rush? We want to do things right. What's the use in upsetting people. I know how sensitive you are.

But baby, I just want you to know I did this for us. I want you to be happy. That's all I want, all I have ever wanted. And in time you will realise it too. You will realise that you have known it all along. We belong together. We will be so happy and won't that make my brown eyes blue?

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