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H.L. Pauff, 29 Aug '12

“My brothers, bear witness the rebirth of the Ancient Order of Hraxlyss. Far too long we have let the faithless guide us into oblivion…”

The old man stood on the platform clad in his ragged red robe, gesturing wildly as his voice boomed over the small group of men.

“Dude,” Jake whispered, stifling a yawn. “That sorority is throwing a party and we’re sitting in a graveyard with a bunch of old men.”

Matt elbowed him. “It’s all about networking. You have to join groups if you want a good job after graduation.”

Jake yawned again. “Most of these geezers will be dead when we graduate. You don’t even know what these people do.”

“…My brothers, we must restore the world to the old ways...”

“Do you ever wonder why I don’t like hanging out with you?” Jake asked. “It’s because you bring me to weird stuff like this.”

“…Who better to return us to the old ways than those who know them best?”

“Come on, you can’t leave yet,” Matt pleaded.

As hands shot through the dirt and rotting corpses rose from graves, Matt’s mouth hung open and Jake’s eyes went wide.

“Dude, I’m definitely leaving now,” Jake said.