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Kay C., 15 Aug '12

War of a Different Kind

At each other’s throats.

That dangerous taste; addictive, like a drug.


Glimpses into a mind, conversations that ran for hours.

Hoarse and guttural groans of desire, low and reverberating.

The soft, barely audible clink of chess pieces above the din.

Layer after layer of mind games, and loving every minute of it.

Biting hard enough to draw blood, a sadistic pleasure.

Eyes wide shut, losing oneself in the sultry warmth of another.

Spitting in hatred, eloquent words lost in a whirlwind of fury.

Those strong hands, built and brittle.

Knowing each other inside and out, but not really understanding at all.

No room for compromise, affection tempered with arrogance of steel.

An intense clash of souls, and a love akin to hate.