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Gavin Hunt, 29 Jul '12

One year ago.
My victim sits in front of me.
He cannot scream out in pain, he did to begin with; the gag I fixed firmly in the mouth has put pay to that. If only he knew what I did after I jammed the screwdriver into his left eye before covering them with a blindfold.
The moment I stepped inside his flat, I turned his everyday life upside down. The shotgun I held was an impressionable weapon; the items contained in the black holdall were far more threatening. To him they were grim torture devices, for me they were stimulants.
I had not planned my attack to happen so quickly, seeing his face so close to me, the demon within burst from hell.
My life had revolved around him for weeks. Everywhere he went, I was there, picking up all of Manx’s individualistic mannerisms.
Alexander Manx’s home showed his wealth. Living alone, a divorcee who had lavished himself with expensive gifts, all material to boost the self-esteem.
At thirty-eight, Alexander Manx had been single for five years, three since divorce proceedings ended. His good looks got him plenty of women, even during marriage, finally bringing about its downfall.
When our face-to-face meeting arrived, I needed to make sure he understood the reality of the situation. The positive character he was, even the shotgun would not convince him. When he felt its mighty potency, his opinion changed. Stepping through the doorway, I levelled my weapon at his face.
“Alexander Manx I believe?” I asked looking down the barrel of the shotgun.
He recalled my face but could not place it.
It had been ten years since we met last.

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  • Gavin Hunt said...

    What to write for my first burrst?
    There was truly only one place to begin...Page 1 from my debut novel.
    If you like what you read, get in touch for more information.
    I have a few copies left of the signed and numbered limited first edition.

    • Posted 8 years ago
  • Anthony Blackshaw said...

    Welcome to Burrst Gavin :)

    • Posted 8 years ago